Horse & Groom® Epsom Salt

At Horse & Groom we are passionate about natural health and wellbeing for our beloved dogs and horses.  We specialise in providing the highest quality Epsom salt so your furry friends can safely benefit from their restorative properties. 

Epsom salt has been known and trusted as a natural remedy for over 400 years.  And we felt it was about time your four-legged friends got to experience the benefits too. Our Epsom salt is only ever 100% pure Magnesium Sulphate. We never use additives or preservatives so our Epsom salt is exactly as nature intended for your furry family members. 

Horse & Groom Epsom salt dissolves quickly and easily in water.  Our Epsom salt is as versatile as can be so you can tailor to your pet’s needs. Whether using as a soak, spray, exfoliator or adding to poultices and shampoo products - it's sure to make bath time a pleasure for your four-legged friends. 

We understand how important your furry companions are so we are proud to be accredited by the Pet Industry Federation, giving you confidence and trust in our brand. We’re firm believers in providing nothing but the best for your beloved pets.

We’re here for you and your animal family members, so please do get in touch to find out more, ask questions and get involved.


2.5kg H&G Epsom Salt


£5.00 /kg


2x 2.5kg H&G Epsom Salt


£4.50 /kg


10kg H&G Epsom Salt


£4.00 /kg


25kg Epsom Salt Crystals
25kg H&G Epsom Salt