Caring for your dog in hot weather

Caring for your dog in hot weather

Written by Horse and Groom

11 June 2021

While many of us relish in the warmer days and balmy evenings of summer, our dogs can be at risk from the increasing temperatures. So we’re exploring ‘caring for your dog in hot weather’ as our blog topic this month.

Carry water

This is vital. Wherever you’re going, no matter how long you’re going out for, always bring water for your dog, even if it’s a short trip. Dogs overheat more quickly than humans, since they’re covered in a thick coat of fur. So keeping them hydrated helps them stay hydrated and cool.

Avoid walking in hot weather

When the weather is really hot it’s best to avoid going for walks in the peak heat times. Instead aim for early morning or late evening when the ground is much cooler and the temperature is safer for them.


Make sure your dog has a shady spot to escape to if they are outside during the day. Sitting in the sun all day can cause your dog to overheat and become ill. Providing a shady spot allows your dog to take a break from the heat.

Cool rinse

If your dog feels hot during the summer, it can be a nice treat to cool them down with a cool rinse. If you’re going to do this with the garden hose it is imperative to let the hose run for a while first and check the temperature before using. When a hose pipe has been sitting in the sun it can cause the initial burst of water to become scalding hot.

Paw protection

In hot weather the pavement can reach staggering temperatures. While we wear sandals, we may be oblivious to the heat of the floor. However, our four-legged friends can really suffer from hot paving which may even result in serious burns to their beans and paws. Protect their paws by walking in shady areas and at cooler times of day, and always check the paving first to make sure it’s cool enough for their paws.

What are your top tips for caring for your dog in hot weather?

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