Aches and Pains

As pet parents, we know how important it is for our dogs to lead active healthy lifestyles. Sometimes they may experience aches and pains from over exertion. Whether your dog jumps just a bit too high to catch the ball or stumbles on uneven ground, the aches and pains associated can impact your dog’s wellbeing, especially as they mature. And as a result, your companion may experience temporary limping and discomfort.

How to use

  • Run a warm bath for your dog.
  • Dissolve a generous amount of Epsom salt into the water.
  • Allow your dog to soak for 10-15 minutes, ensuring they do not ingest the water.
  • Shampoo and rinse as usual.
Aches and pains
2.5kg H&G Epsom Salt


£5.00 /kg
2x 2.5kg H&G Epsom Salt


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10kg H&G Epsom Salt


£4.00 /kg