As time goes on our beloved pets can experience arthritic pains and stiffness, particularly as they enter their mature years. As dogs get older their energy and bounce decreases, instead they’re happier to snooze the day away and relax. But with this comes an increased chance of their joints stiffening and seizing up

Similarly, over exertion from jumping up steps or down from furniture can cause the arthritic pain and discomfort to worsen leaving your dog feeling down and uncomfortable.

How to use

Help ease the pain and stiffness by including Horse & Groom® Epsom salt in their bathing routine. Here’s how:

  • Soak – Add Horse & Groom® Epsom salt to a warm bath, ensuring the salt is fully dissolved. Allow your dog to soak while shampooing. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  • Spray – Dissolve Horse & Groom® Epsom salt in water and add to a spray bottle. Spritz the affected areas, allow to soak in and then rinse thoroughly with clean water.
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