Nervousness and Anxiety

Like humans, dogs can become anxious and suffer from nervousness. As pet parents, this can be really upsetting to witness as we want nothing more than for our four-legged companions to feel happy and at ease.

How to use

Include Epsom salt in your dog’s skincare regime to help them feel more settled, here’s how:


  • Exfoliate - Add Horse & Groom® Epsom salt to their usual shampoo. Allow the salts to partially dissolve, then wash as normal.
  • Soak – Add Horse & Groom® Epsom salt to the bath water. Allow your dog to soak before rinsing with clean water.
2.5kg H&G Epsom Salt


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2x 2.5kg H&G Epsom Salt


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10kg H&G Epsom Salt


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