Fun facts about dogs

Written by Horse and Groom

16 May 2021

We thought it would be fun to learn some fun facts about dogs to help us understand our four legged friends a little more.

Super sense of smell
Our dogs have an incredible sense of smell. They pick up on much more than humans can and it’s even said the part of their brain which processes smells is 40 times larger than humans. Dogs have been known to sniff out explosives, drugs, weapons and can even be used to trace people. They’re pretty amazing!

Sniffing medical conditions
Some dogs have such an acute sense of smell they’ve even been able to smell medical conditions such as cancer and diabetes.

Did you know your dog could be left or right pawed?
Just like humans our dogs can have a paw preference making them left or right pawed. You might notice this when asking for their paw or by watching them play with a ball or toy. Keep a look out for it and let us know what paw your dog is!

Born swimmers
Majority of dogs are naturally very good swimmers. Where humans require training and lessons to become accomplished swimmers, our dogs are often pros from the start. That said, not all dogs love a splash around and some will be stronger swimmers than others so never force your dog to swim and start off small and work up to braver, deeper swims.

Man’s best friend for 11,000 years!

Dogs have been thought to be domesticated for over 11,000 years! So, since around the end of the last ice age – that’s a pretty long time it’s not wonder our dogs are man’s best friend. Dogs were the first known species to be domesticated and we’re so glad we get to enjoy dogs as cherished members of our family.

Blink and you’ll miss them
Dogs can be super speedy when it comes to running and playing. Some of the fastest dog breeds in the world are:
• Greyhounds
• Afghan Hounds
• Dalmatians
• Whippets
• Salukis
• German Shepherds
• Jack Russells
Have you got any of these dog breeds? Are your dogs super-fast too? Let us know on social media Facebook or Instagram we’d love to hear from you!

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