Poultices and Infection

Hoof abscesses and bruising can cause discomfort and inconvenience. Using an Epsom salt poultice can help draw out infection and aid recovery. The poultice also acts to soothe muscles, leg and joint soreness while reducing any swelling or inflammation so your horse can return to its usual healthy self.

How to use

We recommend following your usual recipe for a poultice with the addition of Horse & Groom® Epsom salt as follows:


  • Add Horse & Groom ® Epsom salt to your usual poultice recipe (often a mixture of Epsom salt, hot water and bran, mixed to create a thick porridge like consistency).
  • Apply to the affected area, pack and wrap. Leave on overnight.
  • Repeat the procedure for a week to two weeks until the infection has been removed.
  • Soaking your horse’s hooves in a solution of water and Epsom salt can also help with the healing and recovery of minor injury and infection.
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