Post Walk Protection

Written by Horse and Groom

22 March 2021

Many of our dogs love nothing more than a long trek across muddy terrain. But this can expose them to a number of risks, which with a little care and attention can easily be minimised. With each walk our dogs can be exposed to ticks, fleas, diseases, viruses and all sorts of other nasties. And now with cases of Alabama Foot Rot detected in the UK, it’s important to ensure we do our best to protect our four-legged pals.

So how can we best help our pets stay safe following a dog walk?
Paw soaking
We recommend giving your dog’s paws a soak following a dog walk. Use a shallow bath with warm water and Horse & Groom Epsom salt to help dislodge and rinse away dirt, impurities and bacteria. This is also good practice to stop germs from spreading throughout your home. Horse & Groom Epsom Salt is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. As such it can add an extra layer of prevention from anything nasty lingering from those dog walks.

A thorough brushing of your dog’s coat following a walk can help remove any unwanted debris, bugs and dirt. It can also act to deter fleas and ticks from embedding into your dog’s skin.

Stroking pat down
Not only is stroking calming for you and your dog, it allows you to feel for any abnormalities. This includes checking common areas for ticks such as the groin, neck, and legs – of course we highly recommend you check all over. If your dog has a thick coat, separate sections, and have a good feel around to ensure there are no bumps or lumps.

Flea, tick & worming treatment

Ensuring your dog is up to date on its flea, tick and worming treatment is vital when out and about on regular walks. These can be purchased from your vets or pet stores. Be sure to check the frequency and dosage which will be based on the size and weight of your dog.

Other things to consider to keep your dog safe
It’s advised that our dogs receive annual booster vaccines so they can be protected from prevalent diseases and illnesses. This is especially important if your dog is regularly walking in spaces where there are lots of dogs and other animals.

Annual check-ups

Ensuring our furry friends have a regular check-up with the vet is a great way to detect any abnormalities and to keep an eye on any concerns you might have.

Research and awareness
Keep up to date on local flare-ups of bugs and infections – including Alabama Foot Rot. And speak to your vets about extra protection such as lungworm treatments which can help keep your dog safe from infection. And know the early warning signs for deadly diseases so that you have the best chance of getting your dog to fully recover.

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