Don’t just take our word for it We truly believe in the restorative healing properties of Epsom salts to enrich and improve the lives of our most loved pets. Here’s what our customers have had to say about their experiences:

“I gave my dusty boxer dog (she loves to roll around in the mud) a bath with your salts and she has come out incredibly shiny. The one thing we have noticed is that she is much less itchy. She suffers terribly from allergies in the summer, her skin gets very dry and irritated from bugs in the long grass and the heat, but since she has had a luxury bath she has barely itched and is much less irritated by it.”


Pet Parent

"Our dog recently had surgery on his kidney and we treated his wound after the operation with Horse and Groom® Epsom Salt. We found this to be a very effective treatment. I would recommend for treating day to day wounds and as a treatment for minor skin complaints. I now keep keep a small 2.5kg bag for emergencies."

Sophie Williams

Dog Owner , Olde English Bulldogs Surrey