Deep Cleaning

Whether your horse has enjoyed a mud bath in manure or experienced a particularly mucky hack, our Epsom salt can help deep clean problem areas, removing oily residues and caked-in grime.

How to use


Horse & Groom® Epsom salt can be used in many ways for deep cleaning, here’s our most popular uses:


  • Exfoliate – Add our Epsom salt to your favourite equine shampoo, allow the salts to partially dissolve and then apply the solution as usual. The salts help dislodge and remove dirt and oil, while also cleansing and conditioning the coat.
  • Spray - Dissolve our Epsom salt in water and spray on to the coat as a pre-clean treatment.
  • Spa – Add our Epsom salt generously to the water and allow them to dissolve when using an equine spa.
  • Soak - Dissolve our Epsom salt generously in water to soak muddy hooves.
10kg H&G Epsom Salt


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25kg Epsom Salt Crystals
25kg H&G Epsom Salt